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Take Control This School Year

It is always great to be on a laid-back summer break, but as summer comes to an end classes start to pick up and we realize that the transition from an easy summer to a hectic school year can be stressful. Instead of making the school year harder for yourself by nagging your children, follow these few tips instead.

  • Make a fun playlist to help your children get ready. Instead of telling them what to do, have each song assigned to a different task, that way when they hear the song they get ready.

  • Make the car rides easier. Create a car kit with fun brain games for them to do while you drive. This way they will be focused on something rather than creating trouble.

  • Create a workstation that has everything they need in one place. By doing this they have a set area to do their homework and they won’t waste their time looking for what they need.

  • Make fun healthy snacks for them. Take a little bit of time out of your day to see how school is going. Keep communication open between you and your children, so that you aren't surprised by anything that is going on in their lives

Take control this school year by making each day a little easier. For more tips and tricks visit

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