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Top Tips to Minimize Morning Sickness

Are you done with constantly feeling sick during pregnancy? You’re not alone! Over 50% of women deal with morning sickness during their pregnancy and we want to help reduce that number. Here are some tips to help you feel better:

  • Get plenty of rest. Getting a good night sleep allows your body to get the proper rest it needs to get through a day.

  • Avoid some of food. Avoid eating fatty, spicy, or caffeinated foods because these foods tend to create more problems.

  • Physical activity. Some people find it hard to move around when they are pregnant, but many have found that physical activity improves their symptoms.

  • Drink lots of fluids. Getting the right amount of fluids during pregnancy is crucial. Many mothers feel like they are too sick to drink their fluids, but the lack of fluids makes you more nauseous.

  • Ginger. For many years, ginger has been used as a stomach soother. Studies have shown that ginger actually helps relieve nausea symptoms. Some snacks that you might consider are gingerbread, or ginger cookies.

Every pregnancy is different and some of these might not be the solution for you, but we hope that these are the start to you feeling better. For more ideas visit .

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